Jackson Galan

Software Engineering Portfolio

Jackson is a software engineer at Blast, Inc.; a contributor to fCCSF; and a maker at Noisebridge.


Blog, Moving Noisebridge

A moving site for the anarchist hackerspace Noisebridge, located in San Francisco, CA. The static site drives participants to the premises, and updates interested parties regarding the move state. Members and volunteers alike contribute visual, prosaic, lyrical, and audio content in Markdown.


Home, fCCSF

The meta site designed by and for students. Dedicated to learning the fine art of programming in San Francisco, CA.


Home, Fresh Tunage

A search tool for YouTube Data, Fresh Tunage answers the question, "What's my favorite artist's latest song?". A simple web client interface empowers users to get that track with a single query. Custom animations and a no-frills UX present a program that is truly all about the music. Play. Fresh. Tunage.